When rainy season comes, our homes can experience water damage of flood disasters. And when this happens, the growth of moulds is most likely to happen in closed areas because of high humidity.


When you find moulds in your home, you don't need to panic. The reason for this is that this is not a difficult-to-solve situation.


You need to call your insurance company and lodge a claim. Be ready with all your details for the restorer company.


Try to contain the area. If only a small area of your home is affected, close the door so no mould spores will spread. It is very important that no items are removed from the area where the moulds are. They must stay in the room since they will also be affected.


You also need to call a professional restoration company at This company will inspect the area affected by mould. They will provide a full written report, with photos, to your insurance company.


 In this report they will state what they have found in your home, and how the damaged was caused including temperature, moisture, and humidity readings. After this, rectification will be performed to restore your home to a safe, comfortable environment. Read to know more about molds.


Then you insurance company will allocate the appropriate trades required to resolve the matter. The restoration company will then clean and dry the affected areas. This includes bedding, linen, clothing items, walls, ceilings, carpets, and others things affected by moulds. But, in most cases when mould gets into plaster which is a porous material on your walls and ceilings; there is then a need to replace them. In this situation, a builder, plasterer, and painter will also be needed. There should also be an inspection of the timber framing behind the ceiling and walls to make sure that the moulds have not affected the timber.


You don't need to panic when facing this kind of situation. However, you have to act quickly the moment you discover the presence of moulds in your home. If you are not aware of it, moulds can start to grow rapidly within 48 hours. There are moulds that can cause allergies or allergenic; they are also pathogenic or toxigenic. There are types of moulds that can causes diseases like cancer, deficiencies of the immune system; they can also damage organs, constrict the bronchial tubes, internal bleeding, skin diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases.



So don't delay. Knowing the harm that mould growth can do should make you call your mould specialist melbourne company as soon as you discover its presence in your home.